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Private Medical School

State of Kuwait

Virtus Health Partners is establishing a private medical school in Kuwait in association with a world-class Academic Health Sciences University

Kuwait Vision 2035 places a strong emphasis on education as a catalyst for

Economic Diversification

Sustainable Growth

Social Progress

Human Development Capacity

Knowledge Transfer & Education is the key for sustainable human capacity development, especially in technical fields like medicine.

The new medical school is the ideal venue to accommodate such programs. 

Educating and training the next generation of healthcare professionals to contribute to the overall development of the community and to provide new opportunities, especially for talented Kuwaiti youth in their homeland. 

Our Objectives

To become a center of excellence in medical education in Kuwait in affiliation with world-class education institutions

To expand the human development capacity of Kuwait

To invest and leverage upon innovative digital education technologies to create a “new” model for health sciences education delivery that is sustainable, cost effective and resilient

To provide an integrated, multidisciplinary program with clinical training and patient interaction besides the pre-clinical conventional curriculum to prepare qualified physicians and nurses 

To contribute in empowering the future leaders of Kuwait that will improve the quality of healthcare systems and delivery 

The new private medical university would be in a position to welcome academic health scientists to Kuwait with faculty appointments, especially Kuwaiti professionals after they have completed their graduate studies and fellowships overseas ensuring that their years of education and training are not wasted or exit Kuwait.


Clinical Pharmacy

Allied Health Practitioner


Male Student

Academic Programs


  • Direct Entry from high school (A-level, AP, IB-HL, CBSE), 5–6-year program.

  • Graduate Entry (with undergraduate degree, 4-5 year program.

  • Foundation/Pre-med year(s) (As-level, IB-sl and public high school), 12-24 months.

  • Standardized testing cut off for UCAT, SAT, MCAT as relevant.

  • 5 years’ undergraduate medicine program.

  • 1 year Intercalation Option (for clinical basic sciences degree with the Associate University).

Nurse Practitioner

  • Graduate Entry (with Nursing undergraduate degree), 2–3-years program

  • Minimum 2 years clinical experience

  • Foundation Year, if necessary

  • 2-year MSc Advanced Practice Nurse

Both programs will offer options for international rotations with USA-based specialist hospitals affiliated with the Associate University, especially for specialized clinical training not available in Kuwait.


Leading international universities work collaboratively – with other universities, government and private sector to increase the scope and depth of human knowledge.  A new private medical university in association with a leading USA-based medical school will likewise contribute to the expansion of Kuwait’s higher education landscape and generate new opportunities to partner and collaborate globally and with local institutions active in medical education, basic sciences and clinical research fields.
These include, but not limited to, Kuwait University - Health Sciences Center; Public Authority for Applied Education & Training; Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization; Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences; and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research; Dasman Diabetes Institute.

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