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Corporate Social Responsibility

Virtus Health Partners works closely with NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and in particular, Development Agencies, strictly on a not-for-profit basis to support them in fulfilling their humanitarian and social missions in healthcare and education.

Virtus Health Partners applies the ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on social responsibility standard to integrate and implement socially responsible behavior into its organizational and corporate culture and adopt the guidance of the standard as integral to the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility mandate.

Virtus Health Partners assists NGOs by mobilizing goods and services in the context of building a unique Public-Private-Partnership to deliver transformative and sustainable system level changes based on a Population Health approach to the design of clinical services, working collaboratively with local government and private partners to develop innovative service delivery models, as well as relevant education and training opportunities including knowledge and technology transfer.

Our Approach

We approach every project with a core set of Strategic Objectives

  • Highest Quality of Care

  • Implementation of Clinical Best Practices & International Accreditation

  • Improved Efficiency & Access

  • Rationalization of Healthcare Delivery Costs & Sustainability

  • Knowledge Transfer & Education

  • Digital Transformation


Case Study

Aga Khan Medical Center

Clinical and Histopathology Lab | Gilgit, Pakistan

Virtus Health Partners and Associates are providing medical planning and advisory services on a pro bono basis to Aga Khan Health Services, Pakistan for the design, equipping and supply chain logistics of new clinical and histopathology labs for the expansion of Aga Khan Medical Center Gilgit.  The scope of the Labs project includes Clinical & Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology, Hematology and Histopathology as well as a Digital Pathology to link-up with Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi for sub-specialty reporting.

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Tele-health Services | Salamieh, Syria

Virtus Health Partners has donated medical equipment including a telecommunications system to Aga Khan Medical Center Salamieh for the purposes of facilitating tele-health services.

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We work closely with our key corporate, institutional and academic partners, and often collaborate with external consultants/advisors as well as subject matter experts and specialists on both a professional and corporate level to ensure each project benefits from the best-in-class expertise so that we may deliver the best value to our Development Agency partner.


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