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We are an association and collaboration between Industry experts, Academia, global institutions and leading private sector companies.

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This Pandemic has changed the way we Live, Think and Act.

Kuwait Facts


Physicians per 10,000 Population


Kuwaiti Doctors as % of Total


Kuwaiti Physicians needed by 2025

What We Do

Design & Commissioning

Feasibility, Design, Project Management, Equipment, Commissioning

Public-Private Partnerships

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)
Build-Operate-Own-Transfer (BOOT)

Facility Operations

Operational & Facilities Management

International Partnerships

International Partnerships with renowned Institutional & Academic Health Sciences Partners from UK, USA and Canada

Courtyard of  Hospital

Business Areas


We leverage the resources of both the local public and private sector working together with and supported by international partnerships with institutional and academic partners to create the framework for transformative healthcare delivery models and to ensure each and every project benefits from the best-in-class expertise so that we may deliver the best value to our clients.

Business Areas

Healthcare Management

We specialize in international Public-Private-Partnerships to deliver system level change based on the simple fact that improvements to the health system as a whole cannot be done in a vacuum and must necessarily consider the participation and “partnership” of both the public and private sector.  

Science Courses

Business Areas


The promise of personalized medicine postulates that diseases can be treated more effectively, and even possibly cured, through understanding and targeting key driver genomic aberrations. We focus on major diseases including Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Auto-Immune and Chronic Tissue Disorders, Alzheimer’s Disease, Mental Health and Neurodevelopment diseases.

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